English controls me!

8:30 PM

Assalamualaikum wrbt and Bonjour!

It's been a long time I'm not updating my blog and for a few days, I'm making a revolution, a surprising difference in my post. Really, I'm making my post in English, and no longer in "Bahasa Melayu" anymore. (I guess). I know people will make an assumption towards my blog. Maybe they can say that my blog is like a "childish" blog or maybe "disgusting" to see it. oh god! hahaha. Relax, I'm not criticizing you but I just imagine how it seem turns like that. How something that is good turns to bad so quickly. Hehehe.


My "Malay Language" is not fade away since I'm making my post in English. I'm making it for my own good- to improve my grammar, vocabulary, spelling (& all about English). I'm practicing a lot and still learning to be good in English. So why people loved to conclude something that they really didn't know? Perhaps, you should learn from your mistakes and move on for your better life. It's really hard to express it because I'm really not good enough. I'm a newbie here! Hihihi. So teach me well here!


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