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“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ~Henry David Thoreau

what is "judgement"?
are judgement is just a toy? or even things that can break down?

Judgement is s the evaluation of evidence to make a decision.
in Malay we called; "mengkritik"

Making judgement is like you come out with an expected conclusion without hearing any reasons and you just think that you're too perfect. You're so satisfied with your own assumptions. It means neither its can be hurtful or maybe joyful to you; it depend on how you handle with those judgements. (negative judgement)

But now in this generation, you can see all the "complainers" make out a conclusion and hurting people's feeling. That's mean, this world will be terrible and chaos with those "perfectionist people". I don't condemn any of you but I really sad about this "perfectionist who come out with negative comments" in social media.

Social media is one of the platforms, world platform that gives us many benefit or even  bane to us. It's gathered with all information in one place that can be searched easily. but now, it has been worst. worst of those users who not be respect to others. It seems likes social media will not be longer a good place to us but it may be a killer to use.

What I want to conclude about this;
2) THINK WISELY when you're doing something that related to your "personal"
3) DON'T CONDEMN/JUDGE PEOPLE easily. you have to proof what you're saying
4) SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT A GAME to those who lack when using this platform
5) SHARE something that may be useful to others

May this will be helpful for you guys! Have a wonderful day to begin. :)

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