Grown up! #1

8:37 PM

Assalamualaikum and Happy Holiday!

It's been a year I didn't post anything here. I know it's time for me to release all my stress, anger, sadness or maybe just a happy wonderful stories ever! The time just flies away and I can't bring it back. No wonder how adult love to tell their children about  their childhood stories again and again. ya. because they missed it. they miss how they grown up with such a wonderful experience. No problems. No cheating. and just play around and laugh.

I wonder how I can turn to that "years" with all the laughter and happiness. but I realized it just a dream. now you're in REALITY. YOU HAVE GROWN UP!  The roller coaster was really fun at the age of 3 but it will be very bad things when it comes to the age of 30. hahaha.

so what's up for this "short post" ?

I think I just have to relax my mind first before we start for something "dramatic".ummm. maybe?
Sorry everyone!

TO BE CONTINUED............