About Me

Syazwani Shamsul
Malaysian born and raised; Malacca girl with a Johorean twist. I'm Syazwani, a shy & lovely girl. I'm the eldest from three siblings. I'm a student and still learning. Always curious what will happen in my life. In fact, I'm an "observer" that always observe how people react and how environment really affects us. I'm not interested in any political views because I think it is not about whom you should support, it's about our integrity towards a good unity (most important). I really dislike people who loved to judge without knowing them well. The beauty of a person is not in a facial mole. True beauty is reflected in our soul. It is the caring that we lovingly give & the passion that we show. I also have my own principle to help people who being suppressed by others. I consider myself a rather spiritual being and hold strongly onto my principles.

 Why " ganjils.blogspot.com " ?

Because I love to discover something that is weird and interesting. More adventure & thrilling to be found here (maybe). Hahaha. Stay tuned guys! :)